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Not getting orders and messages after getting into level 1 seller

It’s been 2 months and I’m not getting any orders and messages. Before getting promoted my ratings and reviews we fantastic and but I don’t know why I’m not receiving any orders now in Level 1. I think fiverr supports more to newbies !


Same here.
No order no work :pensive:

Fiverr gives new sellers a boost in the beginning. So that may be what you were experiencing when you were level 0.

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When I was in Level 0, I used to get orders mostly every week.

Same problem bro. Don’t worry…

Not Ture, I am new in fiverr. I open my account 1 November and creat 3 gigs but I don’t received any orders.

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its short time to get an order. average time is 3-4 months to get first order


Thank you for your response & kind attention.

it need wait and patience.
during try to increase our skill. update your softwares, learn new work and
get your English grammar more better.
this suggestion is for all new sellers

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If you type “no orders after getting level 1” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


Everybody have same problem i think. don’t worry about this.

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more impressions and clicks will be helpful

Here are the categories and subcategories of gigs on Fiverr. Check out your niche to see how many other gigs are offering the same services you are. Then ask yourself what you are doing to make your gigs stand out from the thousands of other gigs in your category.

If you do not stand out from the other gigs, you will be looked over! Fiverr is not easy :moneybag: it takes much hard work.

When I was new, while I was waiting for my first order, I looked at sellers with lots of sales and tried to make my gigs look like theirs. BUT, I did not copy their gigs. If I had, I would have gotten in trouble with CS.

So don’t mope around wondering where your orders are and make something happen by improving your profile and gigs to be more appealing to the buyers.

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Most likely your gig has been demoted.

If you check through your main keyword for your gig title, you might find your gig at the last pages ( starting from 16 to 21.

You can take your time and go through, to confirm this. once your gig is not ranking in the top pages, you tend not to receive messages

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Thanks Man, I really appreciate the way how you describe everything to us. It was damn motivative :+1:

Be active you’ll get Order :blush:

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Motivated :heart_eyes: Now I’ll try my level best best best :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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