Not getting orders anymore


Hello everyone!

Please help me out on this. I have been getting orders as expected during my first 2 months on Fiverr not until mid-february when the sales stops coming…my gig impression is dropping drastically. Any suggestions on what might have caused this mess?

I would really appreciate it.



I wish I could tell you what is happening but I cant, my impressions are down as well and this month has been the worst it has ever been since joining fiverr. My sales have been cut to less than half of what I normally sell, and the strange thing is, its my featured gig.


That sounds weird Lastay. I always looked up to you then when I see you getting loads of orders in queue. But I don’t know exactly what’s wring with Fiverr this month. Everyone’s complaining. My suggestion is this: I think most buyers are from U.S and I don’t think they are getting their self over there with the new administration onboard.

All the way, I am so sorry about that and I hope everything goes back to normal.



I think that might be an issue as well. Hopefully it picks up soon.


Thanks and how’s sales coming from your country Jamaica


Well, I do get a few sales from clients here, but not a lot, my world domination is 42% though, I have clients from all over the world, lol.


42% whoa!!! That’s excellent!

Can you give me some secrets on what you did that makes fiverr featured your gig??

I’d love to hear from you on that.

Thanks in advance


It’s not a secret that Fiverr offers more impressions to new sellers, then (usually after several sales in first months), the impressions are dramatically dropping. It seems to be Fiverr’s policy to expand by getting new sellers…


I don’t really have something specific that I did, I promoted the gigs to my social media account, tried my best to make my title and description noticeable and responded to every message that came from potential clients. I tried to do my best on all sales and provided great customer service, I think I was about 300 sales in when I got featured.


Whoa! That’s amazing! Thanks for the Tips


Thought as much too.


If your client needs any related graphics job. From book covers to banner design…anything graphics at all.

Please always recommend my service to them.

I will appreciate it.



Oh please. It does not have anything to do with the new administration. You will always experience up and downs. It’s normal. Also keep in mind, there are so many new sellers joining Fiverr daily. The competition is growing.
You need to work hard to stand out from the crowd.
Take advantage of the downtime to tweak and update your gigs.


I’ll buy that point too…Thanks