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Not getting orders but still motivated


i have joined fiverr last month on suggestion of my friend. First few days i get bored from this site but after reading some blogs and watching videos of different youtubers i really get motivated.
i still spend 4-5 hours on fiverr.
sending request to buyers.
improving my gigs all the time.
thinking about different ideas.

hope so i will get the orders very soon .



long time sepend on fiverr minimum 15 hours


i am student.i can’t spend 15 hours easily.but i take your suggestion seriously.and spend more time thanks alot for your important tip


welcome to fiverr bro


Hello and well done! Its really important you dont give up. Fiverr needs you to be patient but still work hard. I wish you all the best luck

Maria S.


@mariasereti THANK YOU alot for you kind words.


Kinds of Same here Brother. Most times My Buyer Request page is empty. But Still I think One day I will make it. But who knows how much time… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: