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Not getting orders despite of doing all these?

Expert opinion required.

Whenever somebody asks that he/she is not getting orders, and they ask to suggest some points which can bring them more orders.

Normally, they are suggested by the forum members to;

Share gigs on social media
Stay online for as long as possible (at least 12-15 hours daily)
Improve gigs (images, description, keywords, video etc)

Today, I am gonna ask you a strange question,

what if a seller does all the above-suggested tips but still does not get orders. What would be your next suggestion?

Please need an expert opinion, and please reply if you have some convincing point to criticize positively/negatively, the said post.


Study your target customers, learn what they need and how you can solve their needs, and then reach out to them and convince them to hire you.

Neither I, nor anyone else, is going to give you a step-by-step manual to success. Part of being in business is learning to experiment and see what works. Try something, market, promote, be creative. YOU are the only person responsible for your own sales and success. You are going to have to experiment and try things until you find the success that you are looking for.

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Look, if you are doing all that, and you are doing marketing properly and not just sharing it wherever you can then I would advise to evolve your services and there is not much of a demand there.

I started my journey with drawing portraits, after that illustrations, doing calligraphy and wedding stationery with live calligraphy events and it’s naturally eveloved in design. (Which seems quite far the the original offer of drawing portraits)

If you can’t sell something it’s either you are not selling it in the right way or there is no demand.


Try to update you gigs!

I see Fiverr rankings change from time to time. So you need to adapt with the ranking and keep checking your gigs.

More importantly you need to come up with something new in order to get sales. Come with your own ideas rather than selling same services which 1000’s do here you will get competition at peak.

I am myself trying to do and learing though its not a day process but may be if we keep trying we might come up with something that benifits us.


This is a competitive market
You have to sell your own products yourself
Not by the advice of others, but by your ability
It is their responsibility to fulfill it
There is no need for anybody’s opinions or advice
Skilled people will use their own methods of selling. Therefore, they do not need the help of anybody
It can do everything with the skill and capability


What I learned from joining numerous freelance hosting websites is that they usually tell users: if you’re finding it difficult to generate sales, perhaps your skills aren’t in-demand in the market right now. For example, in Upwork, tons and thousands of skilled and experienced freelancers are getting rejected in their request to join their website. Why? Because they might have the capabilities, but they’re already too many users providing the same service. Because no matter your experience, if you’ve got no clients/demands, then it’s basically useless.

So what they usually suggest is to either improve your services or take a full U-turn and see what other skills are in-demand. You can search for them on Google.

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Well, If you are selling whats in demand, and you are doing all the necessary work needed to start having business, then its just the matter of time when you will get your first order. after that all you need is to keep your figures right, I mean 5 star rating, good and timely communication with the buyer and play within rules.

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It only helps if you know how to do social media marketing (simply spamming various social media doesn’t help, it just gets you labeled as a spammer), and if your target audience is likely to see your posts.

It’s perfectly possible to order from sellers who are offline, so staying online only helps with buyers who want it done right now and want an immediate response.

Well, yes, your gig should look as good as possible. The same goes for your profile description. For example, if you offer writing, but claim on your profile that your English is at a basic level, it’s highly unlikely that you will attract many buyers.

To learn more about running a business (because that’s what freelancing actually is, running your own business) and about marketing (not spamming, real marketing).


Very convincing and valid point. :+1::+1:

Very thankful to all of those who contributed and shared thoughts on this post. Every one’s comments/thoughts are highly valuable and worth to be considered.

  1. Give something of value.
  2. Don’t use more than two colours on your gig photo
  3. Always check gigs analytics (impression, clicks, views)
  4. Good luck :+1:
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