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Not getting orders for 3 years

Its been 2 and half years since I created my fiverr profile but still I didnt got any order… Actually I tried so many methods like SEO and images changing etc etc etc…but still I didnt ot any order…there are 2 reviews on my gig…those are fake reviews by my foregn friends…they tried to help me by ordering few projects and they also added 2 reviews…but nothing is worked… I’m sti trying for 2 and half years to get a order but didnt worked…plz guys…if you have an idea about this, plz help me…because Im doing this shit for nearly 3 years…plz help me…:pensive:

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After watching your topic, Now i realized that I’m not the only one who faced this…
I think, Fiverr is just a platform to introduce creators on International Market. Now we have to convert our existing client to this platform and take orders here, so that rest of the world’s buyer could think about you and your skills & creativity that stand out or decide to hire you.
It is just I observed or it can be said that “personal opinion”.

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Are the designs on your profile designed by you?

If you are asking to me, then Yes!

You do know graphics designer can do gazillion other things except logo design?

If you like logos, make one or two gigs max related to that, the rest needs to be profitable.

Logo is not going to get you sales unless you go crazy and offer 100 logos at 5$… at the rate Fiverr is going with logo designers anything under 5$ and 100 logos is just not gonna work.

Change the concept, search, look how you can find a spot to make sales that is still relatively small in competition (under 2000 people selling)

You shouldn’t be doing that.

It’s not going to help, if anything it’s going to hurt your profile if those reviews were done in the last 4 months or so.

Fiverr updated their system and can now tell when fake orders are being placed by “friends”.

So what have you been trying for 3 years?

It’s OK to try something and fail but every one should have a grace period.

If you are trying something for 3 months and don’t get results, try something different.

But 3 years is a rather long time to be failing at something, which leads me to think that maybe you are just trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

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Oh that is so unlucky. I honestly feel very bad for you. I can only image how it must be feeling.
I looked at your profile and the images you chose for the thumbnails are so good. It shows that you are very well talented.
3 years is a very long time. It seems something went very wrong with your profile. Are you getting any replies from your offers and messages from potential buyers or is it totally blank there also?
My recommendation is try changing your pricing strategy, because that is the only thing that might be remaining. Your sample work is very good. Why underprice it so much? Give value to your skills.

One more reason which is very very common is that, logo design is so much crowded. Not just logos but complete graphic design in general (mainly about fliers, cards, banners, etc) is so much populated with a ton of people worldwide.

I would strongly recommend you to explore more areas of art and skills that you can learn.
And this is a recommendation for everyone struggling in their field. Recently, there was a person with similar problem on forum. He was working with Wordpress or something. I looked it up and there were over 20000 gigs competing him. How can one even start surpassing this competition? The answer is, you don’t have to. If you’d like to, you can start something new that not many people do. Start from scratch. Even doing that would take less time than 3 whole years. And even if you don’t want to, make your work a little unique or grow your business/clientele outside Fiverr first.
My last suggestion to you would be to start over. Make fresh gigs and titles and description and everything. Lets see if that works.

Best of luck to you.