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Not getting orders for some few days

I don’t know why i am not getting any orders on my gigs for the past few days?? i want to do some work hear but if i don’t get order how can i do it :sleepy::mask::mask::mask:

What actions are you taking to reach out to your target customers, show them what you can do, and convince them to hire you? Or are you just sitting back, and waiting for someone else to build your business for you?

If you want more orders, you are going to have to go out and find them.

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Why do you expect to get orders? When you sign up for Fiverr there is no guarantee or promise made by them that you will receive any. When I’m in doubt about my gig I remember this acronym, (PUNS) Promote, Upgrade, Network, Stand-out.


same here:cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Wait a while get order :100:

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Try to share your gig daily on different social media
I hope you will get orders

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But, how can i do so? what i should do to get regular orders?

Perhaps you could start by doing some market research and learning more about the target customers to whom you are seeking to sell your services. Once you know and understand your target market, you will know how to appeal to those customers, show them how you can solve their needs, and convince them to hire you.

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OK, thank you for your suggestion, actually i am new hear so i am in a learning process in all those stuffs .and again thank you jonbass for your reply and sharing your thoughts with me.

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