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Not getting orders friends

exactly be patient stay online more because your clients are not onlly from ur country so wen ur sleeping sometimes there are ppl one of my secret to get initial orders i had stayed online longer…and sometime that category buyer wont put req at all that doesnt mean ur device has fault

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One other question: I just saw a bunch of buyer request populate on my seller page but when I navigated away and navigate back they all disappeared. Is that a bug or something common that happens?

one chance buyer can cancel their request,another chance its filled ,even i experience such thing .iam not sure it is bug

@khurram_maximo So you are new seller here. Well to view your active GIGs you should go to your profile by clicking Profile Picture. There you can see your profile details along with active GIG you have. To see details in your GIG you can navigate the “Gigs” menu item top of the seller dashboard.

If you click More > Buyer Requests of the top navigation menu, you can see the buyer request based on your gig category. There you can send 10 active buyer request per day. So only apply what you can do.

Hope you understand.

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yes please create
this will be like black magic

yes :pray: :pray:
:smiley: :smiley:

Hey bro,
I created gig 2 months ago but still not getting any order. you just created gig 2 weeks ago . keep patience bro and improve yourself day by day. don’t lose hopes. I don’t think about result, I am just doing hard work and improving myself. keep patience bro. one day comes when your name written among the list of successful sellers.


Exactly :slight_smile: