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Not getting orders from Fiverr's search engine


I started working at Fiverr from December, 2106. I’m a graphic Designer with a quite good rating & reviews I guess(10 reviews). But 90% of my orders came from buyer request option. I’m now a level one seller. But not getting any orders from Fiverrs search engine. Did I make any mistake??


You are doing good. You are in a competitive section, although now all sections in fiverr are competitive. It is a long slow process to develop a large number of reviews to prove yourself.


@mahmudulhossain Kindly open your own thread in the Fiverr FAQ / Conversation category of the forum.


What should I do now??


Technically you had not started working by now. Lol

Jokes apart, I never got a single order from the Fiverr search engine until I became a Level2 seller. So, I would suggest you to keep your focus on the BR.


Isn’t it so lame? So I have to offer to buyers directly until I get 50 orders or more… :joy:


I think taverr is right.