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Not getting orders from last 40 days


I am here at fiverr from last two years. I have completed almost 500 orders with 99% rating. But from last 40 days i did not receive a single order from new buyers. Can anybody please help me to check my gigs and tell me what is wrong there… For me. Fiverr was primary source of income from last one year. Really Worried …:frowning:

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I wish sellers would stop associating low sales with something having gone wrong. Sales come, and sales go. This is 100% normal. Sales are entirely up the needs and interests of the buyers within your category and market. There will be times of indeterminate length in which sales are low or nonexistent. This happens in every business.

Perhaps the thing you need to do, is use your free time without orders to improve your gig(s), market and promote them, etc. You have the time to improve your gigs for future sales. Don’t waste it on complaining that “something is wrong with my gigs”.