Not getting orders from last 7-8 days? Anyone else facing the same issue?


Hey All. Hope you all have good sales on fiverr.
I have been not getting any orders not even reply after the buyers request. Is any one of u have the same problem. Does any of you experince the same and come up with the solution. If yes, Please share.



I’m facing the same problem, what’s happen?


Be patient, guys. Fiverr does not guarantee that you will receive any specific level of orders. There will be times of high orders, and others when you receive none. This is normal of any business. Don’t expect “free” orders. Work hard to EARN them.


My gig in the first page but i’m not getting orders. But, when my gig was in second page i’ve got orders every day. It is so weird.


Thanks, waiting to get the order :slight_smile:


Why sit back and wait, when you can take action and reach out to your target customers?


Hi arslan_wp,

When you do a search for your gig keywords (on in an incognito tab where you are not logged in), does your profile show up in the search results?



Hi ilovevoiceover,

Yes my gig is showing in the second page of the fiverr search…



Don’t no bro exactly what happen. I think its due to change in the fiverr search algorithm


Yeap waiting and sending the buyer requests .


What else are you doing to promote your gigs?


Nothing … is there any other way to promote my gigs?


If you know kindly share… I will be thankful :slight_smile:


Social networks, YouTube etc. etc. :slight_smile:


Thanks Bro i will share on my social network. :slight_smile: