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Not getting orders from last three months. My gigs are not shown in search

I request you to please check my profile and my gigs and tell me if there is any thing wrong. i am level 2 seller. i was going well on fiverr but from last three months, suddenly new orders stopped. i received some orders from my regular buyers but not a single new buyer. my gigs are not shown in search.

fiverr is my primary source of income from last one year. but now i am much worried. Please help…


If you posting this you will get flame by others, they would said it’s your problem while you do not get sales and Fiverr is just a platform, no promise, blah blah blah. Overall end up the problem is YOU. :slight_smile:

I’m TRS and I’m having problem getting new order from new buyer since August, it’s maybe Fiverr new gig filtering, or their new processing fee, the new Promotion Ads, but I able to see my gig on search result. Maybe August & September are dry months and people just don’t need our services, yet.

Hopefully Oct sales will get back on track.

Good Luck!

This is the reason. They are beta testing new feature Read more here.

Yeah my sales and customer interactions have fallen dramatically as well, I hope the promoted gig feature moves out of beta soon or they at least expand it to include level 2 sellers.

“I’m not selling. Welp, better blame a beta feature!”

you’re not the only one who facing problem, every seller facing this issue

My conversion rate has fallen from 2.7% to 1.8% and it might continue to drop…

Same problem, selling is down but my Fiverr income is stable :slight_smile:

Fiverr doubled their fee for buyers in July, this without notician.

As a regular buyer for 1 Gig custom orders, I was unexpected confronted with a huge price increase of 100% transaction-fee for buyers.

Buying used to be free for buyers, as it is anywhere in the world, it was only the provider of items/services who payed the fee.
Than Fiverr asked 10% fee ($ 0,50), and since july 2016 they ask 20% fee ($ 1,-) from the buyer ! !
Many buyers now has resignated, or search combined deals to avoid these costs.
What hapüpens with 1 Gig ($ 5,-) custom order,
seller pays $1,- , buyer pays $ 1,- and PayPal earns on exchangerate and transaction-fee ($ 0,35 from which Paypal repays Fiverr 15 %)

But as buyer sometimes no time or no aternative, so I go on with Fiverr, but very very selective (Have bought over 250 Gigs)

How would it be related to the beta feature? From what I read, it can not affect your current sales in any way, except to boost them if you use it yourself.

Okay I don’t get one thing, why only top sellers are going to get “Promoted Gigs” advantage only. This will help them to get more sales which is good, but on the other hand, it will get harder for the new comers to get orders. Fiverr should consider a system to help new comers/new talents to come on-board to bring service/offer varieties, it will definitely benefit customers. My point does not include fake sellers or those who confuse buyers with stupid offers.

That feature will be available to everyone as far as I know. From level 0 to top rated sellers. But during the beta it is likely they limit greatly who gets to test it.

That’s probably a main issue of getting new buyers since August of my gig. Some sellers out there will said Fiverr just a platform and we shouldn’t complain about that. If you’re not happy or unsatisfy with that, just leave or go to alternative site.

That’s what make me feel weird and sad.

I just activate the promoted gig option and after a long time i can see my gig in search some time. i will pay extra if i receive any order from my promoted gig. but something is better then nothing. Now i am waiting how it will work for me…

I’m a new seller and haven’t really gotten any order on most of my gigs… Wish someone could order any one of my gigs and try my services, I promise to offer you quality services…

That’s awesome! Hopefully it helps. I’m looking forward to being eligible as well.

I haven’t gotten any orders for the past two weeks, don’t know what is wrong with my gig

Finally i got a new order from anew buyer. really excited. Thanks for all of you.

Well i have the same problem. I try find my gig but it isn’t apprea in board. My gig relate “ieee” keyword (its a little special). Please help me :frowning:

I’ve been on this freelancing site for months and yet I’ve not received an order. If anyone here can order for any of my gigs, I will offer 10% discount to that person.
I’m expecting some orders from the busy gurus here.