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Not getting orders from sellers

I have 3 active gigs on my account but I still have not gain any order. What should I do now?


promote your gig social media


Send Buyer Request Daily

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Don’t worry. I’m here more than 20 days with my 6 Active gigs but didn’t get order yet. But I’m hopeful that I will get order soon.
Promote your gigs in social media and spend time in forum, learn more.


Social marketing is must

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Active 24 hours. Do gig SEO.

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You to promote your gig on social media for better exposure to your potential client.

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I have done the same for a few days, but after it there are no buyer requests found on my account while I have tried many times. Can you please tell me why I am not able to find buyer requests?

You can just read it on the forum. It’s been discussed so many times. You don’t have orders and BRs so why not to invest your free time into reading the forum and see what you can improve and learn?


Great answer :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Thank You for your suggestion.

Thank You for your suggestion, I am doing the same. Can you help me in one more thing, how I should promote my gigs on social media, I mean should I make Facebook Page or by adding the friends personally?

Thank You for your help. I will determine what you have suggest me.