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Not Getting Orders.How can I get Orders?

I have created my fivrerr account on May but I am not getting any orders how can I get order


you need to share your gig in social media. must be quora. You need to active in fiverr and forum 24 hour. Every 1 hour you need to check buyer request and send proposal to get order and reviews


Don’t upset. Stay active on fiverr and share your gig your social media . Good luck.

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Thank you for your suggestion I will try to keep active in fiverr as well as in the forum

Thanks for your suggestion i am sharing my gigs in social media

How many hours you stay active per day? Try to make attractive gigs and try to stay online as much as you can.


try to increase your gig quality, stay on fiverr and also send buyer request with a right way


the same situation is facing by me also .but the thing is that you should not lose your hope in was a great and trusted should be very active in each and every hour.


If you have clients on other platform or directly, try inviting them on Fiverr through referral program. He would get discount and you will earn Fiverr credit too.


Stay Online 12-24hrs, share your gig on social media, send buyer request, Answer Question on Quora in ur niches (do not paste link on quora, but bridge page) Tell your friends and family about your services. Get first Order, and review for a Job well done.

Social media shares are most likely not going to bring you any sales.

So YOU are one of the reasons why I see random Fiverr gigs on Quora? It just makes the user experience worse, and people see them as spam.

Make your gigs Better and don’t lose hope

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Stay login minimum 14/15 hour in fiverr & fiverr forum.try to give more & more times in fiverr forum.Reading Their blogs,comments & try to reply them.& not to do spamming in social media.
Raahim Nayem
Shopify Developer

promote your gig through social media