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Not Getting Orders ? Impressionas and Clicks

Hello All
i am Seller here from past 4 years. i was doing good. But from 4 to 5 months my all gigs are not getting impressions and clicks, impressions rate is very low. i am not getting any order.
How to rank my gigs higher that they can show up on Fiverr Search result. ?

I also demoted Level 2 to Level 1 :frowning:
I am serious to working on Fiverr, Can any one please take a look on my Page, Gigs, Reviews etc and let me know what i have to renew and update. because my end i have done all things right.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


You can “rank your gig higher” in the search results by delivering high-quality work, delivering that work on time, and earning positive reviews.


Thanks for response mate, But can you suggest me for now how to getting orders ? because i am not getting orders.

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You can gain more orders by marketing and promoting your gig(s) to the target customers who need your services.

This doesn’t work like this, actually.


You’re totally right.
January is terrible. Just few orders from regular buyers. Also impressions and clicks are goes down :neutral_face:


I think you are right, i have tried all the things which are discussed on the forum. But its not much useful for me… My Bad

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Yes man, What we can do

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Instead of social media where we can promote our gigs.

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thanks for your suggestion.But could you please tell me how should i get the order because it is very difficult…Thanks

Yes you are right.Is there any suggestion where should we promote our Gigs except social media…thanks

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You’re going to have to figure that out on you own. If you’ve done your customer and market research, you would know where you need to market and promote your gigs.

You’re in business. You are a freelancer. Do the work yourself; don’t ask us to do it for you.


Your questions have already been answered on the forums hundreds of times. Please read the forums for the information you seek. It is not hard to find.


can i see the time when the buyer upload his request?

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No, time stamps are not shown with buyer requests in the BR section. Fiverr has chosen to show only the day/date that the request was posted.


can i send seller request as buyer request?
is it against the rule of fiver?
yes or no

No, you cannot. It is against the rules, and Fiverr will remove your “ad”, and, in some cases, may even ban you from the site for spamming the BR section.

Only buyers should be posting BR requests.

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thank you very much for help me.

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i didn’t asked you to do it for me. i am generally making discussion here. if you dont want to ans that then simply do not response.

I put that question because social media for promotion is not best idea for me. so its a general discussion. take it easy man.