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Not getting orders, is there something wrong with my gig? is my gig, I have been here for nearly a year now and have gotten no orders, wondering if there’s anything wrong with my gig?

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I really like your audio sample, but the image behind it appears to be an unmade bed. If you want to put up a professional/skilled front, a better image might encourage more interest.
I think Fiverr allows multiple audio samples (not my category, so not sure), so you could try offering more samples, show some variance like 3/4 time and/or a different key signature.

Please see (FAQ) point 1: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

Also you have the tags [bass] [fretless] [fretless bass], meaning that your wasting that last tag space. I would recommend changing the [fretless bass] tag to [guitar], as that will cover anyone who searches for ‘bass guitar’. I’m tempted to also recommend changing [five strings] to [player] as that will cover anyone who searches for ‘bass player’ or ‘fretless player’, but [five string] is unique enough that people looking specifically for that would see your gig early in the search results.

Have you added an SEO title to the gig?

hey thanks! I’ll get right to fixing what you mentioned

I’m curious what exactly you mean by SEO title, though?

When you go in to edit your gig, click the blue “Upgrade SEO”
If you have enough characters, maybe you can put ‘five string’ there.

Maybe: five string fretless punk bass guitar player
If that’s too long, then probably leave ‘punk’ out, since you have a tag for that.

thanks! changes made