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Not getting orders.....Its frustrating

Can anyone please help, guide, or suggest something.
My profile link:
Thank you.


Marketing Your gig and change your gig content then you get order.


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Getting really sick of this “post on social media” copypasta. This isn’t a brand type of deal. You are not RedBull, you are not Coca Cola, you are not Elon Musk. You are not sharing your YouTube video in a subreddit.

Refer to this comment of mine.

You will not magically gain more customers by spamming social media. You need to focus on your strengths and present those to your potential customers.

Design is intelligence made visible. I’m a designer who will translate your ideas into the design. Design is actually a solution to your problem. I will solve your problem with my creative and aesthetically pleasant designs. I am an expert at designing […]

This is your description. First catchphrase is very good. Then it goes: Design, design, design, design.

That does not paint you in a good light. Being an artist/designer is not just about the art you create, but about how much creativity, flexibility and attention to detail you possess. This is reflected in all your work. That includes text.

A description like this will make it look like you failed in all three categories, which isn’t even true when I look at your work. I see fresh, modern and flexible designs. Nothing looks the same. Composition is good, style is a matter of taste. After all, everyone wants their work to be somewhat unique.

Fix your description, maybe choose better thumbnails and rearrange the order of your displayed gigs. All of these simple things could provide potential new customers.


maximum new seller facing the same problem :heart_eyes:

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be patient. no need to be frustrating. Improve your skills on leisure time. best of luck.

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I suggest you to Do gig marketing.
Spend time on social media, tweet at least 5/10 times every day on Twitter using good quality hashtags with your work samples.
Create eye-catching gig images, use titles with good quality tags.
Sent 10 buyer requests daily.
Inshallah, success will come. There is a lot of patience in freelancing.
Some get success very quickly, some get late.
Thanks :two_hearts:

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Hey, I see you actually took my advice to heart and updated your description and changed some thumbnails and stuff. Glad to see. Much better now in my opinion. :+1:

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@captainwarlord Thank you for your advice. Yeah man, your advice was on point. My description was messy and irregular. Now I arranged it. Thank you for checking out and helping me out. Helpers like you are the real assets of this Forum.
Much respect!

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You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

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Keep Patience, successes will come inshallah

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