Not getting orders, lack of impressions


I use to get impression but for some reason fiverr stopped giving me any. I don’t have a low score or anything so I don’t understand what happened.


You should not be relying on Fiverr to “give” you anything. If you aren’t receiving enough impressions, get out there, market your gig, and earn the far more valuable clicks and views instead.


Please also try responding to Buyer Requests.
You will be noticed…

  • Make sure to use a original material for your Gig.
  • If you haven’t updated the gig try doing some revisions… Learn about using Tags etc.

Best of Luck


I did that before, I’m guessing it’s the reason I got all those orders. Then I might as well just promote by myself outside and not have to pay them a fee for every order. It might be time to set up my site for my service. Thanks for the advice.


If you think you can compete on your own, then yes, maybe your own services website is worth considering.