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Not getting orders no ranks and views from 2 months while updating my gig


Hope you are all doing well.

I am a level 2 seller on fiver. and getting a good response. But suddenly due to the cancellation of 1 or 2 orders, my gig promotion is disabled even my gig goes down. I update my gig keywords and description as well but not getting ranked even I was on the first page or in the first two rows.

Please help and guide me.

Daniyal Ali


Well, it shocks me. I’m a new seller who spent just four days up on Fiverr. If a level two seller faces the problem of not getting orders that too for two months, that’s an alarming situation.

I will however advise you to use buyer request frequently and send follow up texts to your existing clients (if doing this is allowed).

You have the option of creating twenty gigs so make new ones and try to change things upfront.