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Not getting orders organically

Hi Everyone,
I am Level One Seller on Fiverr. I was getting more organic orders from Fiverr but from the last 9 days, I didn’t get any order organically. My gigs are on their previous position when I search them. What’s going wrong? Is Fiverr Market going down these days?

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what do you mean by getting order organical? you mean direct buyer from Fiverr , or you bring ppl to Fiverr?

YES, Organically mean directly from search results and what do you mean by ppl?

I mean you brought your client to Fiverr and purchase via Fiverr

I am not talking about bring the clients from out of Fiverr to Fiverr. The problem is when someone search for the keywords related to my gigs then my gigs are showing up on Fiverr search result page then why I am not getting the Orders?

Well, this depends a lot, maybe your gig is not very attractive compared to other gig. As you are compete with tons of same gig, so maybe buyer will look for the best deal

Fiverr has experienced a tremendous amount of growth. They trade on the NASDAQ and their stock price has increased over 200% since the pandemic hit. I don’t think they are losing market share, unless its something very recent.


I am waiting for four mounths… I didn’t any orders…

Can anyone please explain to me what “Organic” orders mean?

Is there an option to get “GM” (genetically-modified) orders?