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Not Getting Orders/Queries Lets Discuss And Resolve This Issue


Hello Everyone,

If your gig was appearing on the first page and suddenly you there are No direct Orders/Queries since january 23rd/24th onwards. Then this is the right post to talk about.

If yes i suggest you to search again as a buyer by keyword related to your gig and check the last page of the search results. You will find your gig in there on last or 2nd last page from the first.

I understand if you dont deliver on time and do cancellation your gig goes down over a period of time from first to second and second to third like that.

But Going from first page to last page is very weird if there are no cancellations, you deliver on time and you have 100% track record.

I am facing such issue currently. In last 3 months i havent done any cancellation, All orders delivered on time.

But since 23rd january i was not able to find my gig when i tried to search by using the keyword related to my gig. I checked it upto 10 pages but i was not able to find it.

First i thought it may be temporary. Then i thought to give some time. In the mean time i came here and saw a post where seller suddenly saw his gigs were downgraded from first page of search results to last page overnight.

Then i checked the same thing and found my gig is also on the last page of the search results from first page overnight.

I find this thing very weird.

If you are getting no direct orders or messages. I suggest you to check the gig by its keyword again.

Then check the last page of the search results.

I am sure your gig must be there too lol.

Then create a ticket to support and tell them the same thing.

I am sure they can resolve this issue.

And give them this post link too.

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This has already been discussed at great length in another thread that was created only two days ago.

You have also posted several comments on that thread already. And a lot of other sellers had also posted saying that this is not really a “problem” per se, but something which is to be expected every once in a while due to fluctuations and a certain amount of randomness that can be attributed to it.


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