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Not getting orders, seems orders stoped from last week. Please fix asap so i may get orders

Hello Support team,
Not sure what happened? i am not getting orders or contacts from buyers. It has been over a week, i did not receive any order and buyer contact for work.

Please have a look my gig are published here

Thank you,

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keep patience, u get order.
also send buyer request

send daily buyer request everyday at least 10

There is no support team on the forum. We are just buyers and sellers. Unfortunately there is nobody who can “fix it” for you to get orders.

This excellent article may be of interest you:Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

If you want to contact support team you should contact CS by opening a ticket. There is no support team here

We all experience slow times but don’t give up. You can try to make changes to your gig, new image, different title using your keywords, new description letting the buyer know why to choose you, make people aware of your gigs by sharing them on social media and telling people you know that you work here and they can order from you if they need your services. Just try out different things and see what works. You can also try adding a new service as well. All the best!

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