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Not getting orders since 20 days

Please check my Gigs , I’m no getting orders since last 20 days


You should visit the buyers request section under the selling tab more frequently. Most times, gigs in your niche will appear and you can place your bid. I suggest you lookup how to write a convincing bid.


OK, Thanks for your suggestion.

If you will use the search feature :mag: in the upper right-hand corner and type “getting through the sales slump” there you will find many posts and suggestions about this very subject. :blush:

Have you been doing any marketing and promotion (other than social media)? What have you been DOING in the last 20 days to tell people about your gigs, and convince them to hire you? Sitting around, waiting for orders, is NOT going to bring you more orders. You need to take the time to reach out to your target customers and convince them to hire you.

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OK, Thanks a lot Brother

I am not your brother. We are not related. Please do not refer to me as such.

OK, Sorry Sir…

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Thanks a lot for your kind information

I am not getting since 2 months just got one:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

How can we contact our customers?

What is the criteria of a convincing bid?

Brother we can get orders by extra ordinary buyers request only

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How do you think you could do this?

Determine who your customers are, study their wants and needs, and then go to where they are located, and tell them about your services. I’m not going to provide you all of the answers just so you don’t have to do your own market research.

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Thanks but my answer is on fiverr we can not contact anyone to get us work. I dont know it completely.

Why are you confining your ideas to Fiverr. Your customers may not even be on Fiverr. This is why you go out into the world (online and off) and reach out to them. We call that marketing. You are allowed to market your gig to bring in new customers.

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oh thanks now I got it. I dont know about marketing but now I will apply it. Thanks

Then now might be a good time to learn how to market. There are plenty of books about marketing in libraries and book stores, and plenty of articles about it online.

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God bless you dude. Thank you so much again

Typically, you would want to introduce yourself first. You should then proceed to explain your experience in the field of request and why you’re the best person for the job.

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