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Not getting orders so far


i got one negative comment initially, is this the reason for not getting order so far. I am very much active on fiverr since last 3-4 month.

Pls advice.


Hello there @mk1007, Sorry to hear this. I have to say, I’m new here on Fiverr and therefore a rookie, but from what I’ve learned so far from reading others comments is…

I’m afraid you can’t do anything else but hoping to regain your 5 star ASAP. You just need to work harder to get your rankings back on track. Try to apply to Buyers Request as much as possible. Maybe twig and turn your Gigs a little bit to gain more trust.

However next time try not to deliver your gigs to late. If you think you can’t handle your time barrier I advice you to change your delivery date. I hope this helps! I wish you the best of luck! Kindly, Humberto

Sorry to say that won’t be possible. For accessing Buyer Requests (BR), user’s rating need to be, at least, 90% which means that the rating should be no lower than 4.5 and @mk1007’s rating is 1, since it seems to have been the very first rated order :frowning_face:

As for improving your gigs and/or considering changing the delivery time, in case this was the reason for delivering late, please do as @hum_on_the_go’s advice.

Allow me to advice you to never deliver late, if you do, you will not only get 1 star review by default, but also a cancellation and your on-time delivery will be affected as well. So, delivering late will impact you negatively in 3 differents ways and all at the same time:

  • Automatic 1* rating.
  • Order Completion Rate (OCR) will lower.
  • On-time Delivery Rate will lower.
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Thank you @maitasun for pointing this out for me, one more lesson learned :smiley:

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