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Not getting orders suddenly even after 1000+ reviews and selling for $5

I have been selling on the Fiverr platform since November 2019 and I have made gradual progress month by month (up unti 3 months ago).

Now I am a level 2 seller with about 1000 reviews on my profile. For the last 3 months I have not gotten consistent sales on my account

I have tried the following

1)Changed pricing and went back to $5 from $15 per video edit
2)Added bundle package to offer clients more options to choose from
3)Changed Gig Video twice and also tried multiple gig images to boost clicks
4)Optimized different key words and changed gig SEO title accordingly
5) Tried promoting on Social media platforms

What should I do to fix this? Thanks

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Dropping price may not be the best strategy. If you do something special, a bottom-tier price suggests otherwise.

Maybe you have a new competitor who has “grabbed” your niche. In which case work out how they did it and beat them at their game. Not with price as indicated above. Make it clear that you are a more trusted source for this thing.

Toyota are not the cheapest car compared to Cherry or similar but Toyota still sell more cars :wink:


lowering my price is actually the last thing I did. I just want to get the momentem back. I feel that’s what I have lost on my profile

Well I can say one thing. Bad reviews are always pushing people away from the spotlight. And I see you got some bad reviews recently, so Fiverr’s algorithm pushed you towards the back. If you have a lot of consistent work and you can burrow those reviews, then that’s no issue. But as far as I can see, you didn’t get a lot of reviews recently, and a few were less than stellar. So I assume that’s the issue in your case.

How do I know that? Aside from having multiple cancellations due to being hospitalized, I also got some bad reviews due to the extended deadlines caused by that issue a few months ago. And I was removed from search for 2 months, at the very least.

If you receive orders, do your best and get some stellar reviews, eventually you will get back!

One more thing, we are living during a pandemic. Nothing is consistent… so you can’t expect Fiverr sales to be consistent unless you have a lot of return clients. And even then…nothing is guaranteed.


okay for the heads up.will surely work on it

Thanks. Keep Hustling!