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Not getting orders. What should I do? It's been 2 months I have joined fiverr. I have 4 gigs related to video animation


Hi Users, It’s been 2 months I have joined Fiverr. I have 4 gigs on my profile. I create Animated Videos i.e 2d Animation, Whiteboard Animation and Kinetic Typography. My gig impressions have red symbols, few clicks and views and didn’t get a single job since 2 months. Please advice what should I do?


Are you marketing you gigs off Fiverr? Have you made any videos and put them on YouTube to promote your video services?


I often promote my gigs to social networks like google, facebook, twitter. Not on youtube.


If you’re offering videos, YouTube would seem an ideal place to put examples of your gigs up.


Okay but then I also have to promote my youtube channel, right? to get the sales.


Not necessarily - just put examples of your videos up, each linking back to the appropriate gig.


That’s great. I’ll do it.


you must make samples too


I have created samples too and have uploaded them on youtube channel, But not getting any traffic there.


Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer as to why you haven’t gotten any jobs in 2 months. Even the best marketers sometimes find it difficult to generate business initially. It is not uncommon for sellers here on fiverr to wait months before they get their first sale and even after that sometimes the sales don’t come as often as they would like. I encourage you to not give up and to continue promoting your gigs as you have been. I know that what I’m saying isn’t ADVICE as to how to generate sales but I just want you know that sometimes it takes a little longer than you may have anticipated in order to get that first sale. Please don’t get discouraged because I’m sure you have a quality service to offer to potential clients, all I’m saying Is just be a little more patient.