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Not getting orders what should i do?

I need some tips to improve my profile please have a look on my profile with critical point of view and let me know what should i do further to improve my profile.



I had a look at your profile, and I can give you some tips that I believe were useful for me. I am a level 1 seller and it’s been 100 days I started my Fiverr journey. As such, I learned some practical tricks.

Here they are:

  • Make sure you put your picture everywhere in your gigs: It’s important to show your face everywhere you can. I believe that buyers tend to be more willing to trust (thus to buy) when they somehow have the feeling a real human is behind the gigs.
    I personally put my picture on my gigs’ descriptions.

  • You took the english skill test and had a very high score which is very good. Maybe something you’ll find interesting to invest in is learn by Fiverr. You may take these courses to show buyers your skills thanks to a logo you’ll have on your public profile when a course is completed. I took myself 3 courses, and some are free some aren’t, but they are all worth it. Also, when you take a course, the gig directly liked to the subject covered rank better on Fiverr. Isn’t it interesting?

  • It’s great to put in your description what your buyer will get. Maybe you could also, if applicable, what you don’t do. For instance, in a translation gig from one language to another, you may say: “I don’t translate legal documents” if you don’t have the legal skills. Does it make sense?

Otherwise, I think your gigs are clear and detailed.
Another advice I may give you is patience :slight_smile:


Never lose hope.
Just keep trying.