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Not getting Orders why?


Hi there,
I m on fiverr since 2014, my nieche is WordPress Fix n site creation , any thing relating to wordpress, but i m not getting any orders , want experts advice on my gigs plz


any one please?? i m looking for help.


I found that I got more traffic to my proofreading and copywriting gigs when I started promoting them on social media sites. You should try Facebook and Twitter, but there’s also linkedin and google+.It’s very easy to promote through Fiverr since there are “share” buttons integrated on your your gig pages and dashboard.

If you’re having a lot of clicks and views but no sales you can try changing something up in your gig description, make sure you present your product clearly and keep your readers engaged and motivated to buy from you.

Best of luck to you,



Thanks Eddie for your response,

That’s what I m already doing, still, its making impressions little and click even less than little that’s the point I m stuck :frowning: