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Not Getting Orders With More Than 1.5k Impressions & 24 Clicks


What tips you can give me?

My Gig:


Hello ! you’re welcome to the best forum of solving your issues , all you have to do is just to re edit your gig with some new things , and your gig will be recommending to the buyers , moreover everything based on luck.


There’s no set conversion rate on gigs, so it’s impossible to say how many clicks you’ll need to get before you make another sale. :slightly_smiling_face:


You definitely need to rework the presentation of your portfolios.

As a comparison, mine got 5 times bigger analytics than yours.

My gig performance was 5 times better than before, off course after i rework my presentations into these:


With the current performances, i got 3 orders for every 150 click (2% conversion rate).
Logo design section getting really tight. I’m sure you already know that :wink:


From a client’s POV I agree with @pandumstudio , you need a better and more attractive portfolio. Those pictures you have are very simple and I can do them myself in Paint.

We need to stand out with the services we provide, impress, shake the world with our ingenuity. Views and clicks means nothing without it. :+1:

I hope you receive these tips constructively.


Really, Is everything based on luck>>>>???


I know about that … I have kind of decent branding. I got your point and will try to improve the conversion rate.


Best of luck with your success on Fiverr.