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Not getting orders!


As I have good rating 99% than also I’m not getting orders, I have started vacation mode and after came back from vacation I’m not getting even a single order. Please show my gigs at front page.

Thank you


My sales have sunk for the past few days.


Wow, I wish it were that easy to just come to the forums, complain that I wasn’t getting orders, put my Gigs on vacation mode and have come back demanding that Fiverr put my Gigs on the FRONT PAGE! LOL

If only we could just pound our fists on the desk and have our Gigs be listed right in front of the world to see. Unfortunately, I doubt you are going to see your Gig on the Front Page because you complained here. Lots of us have seen a decline in orders due to changes in Fiverr’s algorithm and layout, plus a plethora of new people dipping their toe in the water seeing if they can make some money.

The key is to revamp your Gig, see if your keywords are in line with what you offer, get your name out there and what you do via a blog, FB, Twitter, contributing to forums that may be interested in your wares. Unfortunately, expecting to be thrown to the first page just because you want to be there is not how Fiverr works. Now, I do know a couple years ago when I started, you could write to Customer Support and ask them if they would feature your Gig or give it a boost. Perhaps you could ask, but, don’t be shocked if they do nothing.


Actually, looking at your Gigs, I would avoid writing to Fiverr asking them to boost your Gigs… especially with your Yelp and Amazon “I will write a review” Gig. They may take your listings from the search altogether due to this Gig in particular. Many have had Gigs like that pulled or Fiverr deciding to remove them from the search. Yes, I am sure you are offering to write a REAL review, but, Fiverr (and Yelp for that matter) doesn’t see it that way and it is against most sites TOS. I would avoid drawing attention to your Gig as far as demanding anything from Fiverr.

Adding a Video to your Gig can help its visibility if you do not have one. Just be warned that one Gig you have may suffer or have issues due to rules here. (Yes, I know, a million other sellers offer the same Gig and they are on the Front Page or get noticed etc… )