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Not getting Orders

Its been 24 days now since my last delivery :frowning: Disappointed

We’ve also had almost constant holidays in various parts of the world. Late November-January 1 is slower for many sellers. Don’t focus on the negative but work on your 2016 goals! I would suggest that some of those goals include extra external gig promotion and diversifying so you have freelance/non-freelance income arriving from other sources.

Thank you so much for guiding. Yes i am working hard to achieve my goals in 2016 :slight_smile:

Yes, I feel you, my popularity has dropped too!

Yes slow days but it’s the life of a freelancer.

indeed but let’s pray and hope for the best :slight_smile:

How about instead of sitting back and hoping for the best, you go out and make the best happen. No one has ever become successful by sitting around and waiting for success to come to them. They worked hard to capture success, and continued to work hard to build upon that success.

yes point to be noted. But to be very honest i am working hard, sharing my gigs on social media regularly,sending buyer requests daily but still impressions on my gigs are getting low day by day.

Posting links to your gigs that only your friends and family see in social media, and responding to ten buyer requests per day is NOT hard work. If that’s all that you’re doing to benefit your gigs, then you’re pretty much shooting yourself in the foot.

Start a blog, and blog about your gigs. Buy advertising online and in printed publications. Build a website to promote your services. Promote that website. Become popular on Twitter, build a fan base, gain a following and make your followers and active part of your persona. Spread the word about your gigs by word of mouth. Make sure your gigs themselves are irresistible to potential customers. Build relationships with other Fiverr sellers. Build relationships with other brand influencers. Spend your days building your brand.

Do THESE THINGS, and you’ll be working hard.

Right now, it doesn’t sound like you are working hard.

Your gigs are your business. Treat them as such, and they will be kind and profitable to you in return.

This one is the Best :slight_smile:

Thank yo so much for the suggestions. It will be helpful for me.

Yes… I’m sure it will.