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Not getting paid

Hello community,
I had a very rare experience with Fiverr.
My buyer tipped me twice but I can’t get paid.
I don’t know why these transactions are not completed made by buyer. All he get pending transactions.
Someone please let me know what’s just happened?
Thank you :blush:

Have you contacted customer service?

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If it hasn’t been 14 days since the order was complete, you haven’t waited long enough. Payments are in pending clearance for 14 days after the order is complete.

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My buyer contacted twice. All he get patience patience & patience.

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I am not get that tip!
The order still the $40 but my buyer pay $10 as tip and I can’t get that tip.My buyer total amount pay $50 but I get $40.

If the order was $40 and the buyer paid $10 as a tip, you would get 80% which is $40. Fiverr gets 20% as commission.

(20% of 50 being 10.)


Maybe you did not realize or remember that Fiverr takes a 20% fee from tips also?

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