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Not getting promoted to level 1

meim, it used to be totally automatic. Of late, there has seemed to be less than perfect performance for people. When this happens, requesting a review by Customer Support seems to be the best way to get you level tag.

I was promoted to level 1 and level 2 in the past month. I had to contact customer support on this both times and they updated it immediately. It doesn’t appear to be “automatic” for all of us.

I contacted customer support but have not yet gotten a response. I thought there was a better way to contact them… :

Same here

I completed 11 orders but still not promoted to level one seller.

I have:

11 Completed Orders

12% Orders Cancelled

100% Positive Rating

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How fiverr level system works

Till now. I still didn’t get promoted to Level 1. Completed 19 orders with 1 cancellation for 30 days.

please tell me how to get level 1 in fiverr

Good Day! My account is already level 1 before and going to level 2 but I did not reach the 50 orders in 2 months, I receive emails that I did not complete the requirements on getting level 2, My question is why did my account back to new? not to stay in level 1? thanks hope you can help me!!

Hi! everyone. I am new to fiverr, but I have completed 11 sales on time with excellent ratings
but I haven’t been promoted to level 1, I am not able to understand why… :((

See this Infographic to become level 1 seller.

Is it possible to be promoted in less than 30 days if you really have more than 15 sales already? Thanks

if you already full fill your all criteria for level 1 then you need to wait some time for upgraded your account, otherwise you can contact customer care for this issue.


i am also this is my fiverr account

Nice post.

I have met the requirements for being moved up to level 1 but still waiting.

After completing this criteria , is is it must to wait till end of 30 days to reach level 1?
I hav 11 sales , 7 rated and all other criteria fulfilled but not been promoted till now.

I have 12 positive ratings. 100%positive reviews.
0%cancellation rate.
1 month active. Still not promoted as level 1 seller.