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Not getting promoted to Level2!?

I am an active Fiverr seller. My problem is that I have already created 57 orders in past 2 months by now out of which 8 were cancelled (mainly because the buyer never read the description). The cancellation ratio is 14%.

My overall rating is 95% and my progress to Level 2 is at 90% in my analytics.

Why I still haven’t gotten the level 2 badge?

You need 50 completed orders for that.

And a low cancellation rate.

Reply to @catwriter: Well I read in some threads here about people getting promoted to level 2 upon just getting 50 orders (not necessarily completing them all). Nevermind, I shall wait. Just 1 order away already!

Reply to @jonbaas: Yes I am already working on that. I had to suspend my other gig because of the cancellation ratio. Buyers always caused a lot of complications without reading the description. Thank you though.

Reply to @awabaqib:

You need 50 orders completed in two months, and a strong positive seller rating. Those are the Fiverr requirements. Anything else you’ve read contrary to that would be inaccurate.

Reply to @awabaqib:

Some of your gigs are not entirely clear on what you are offering. Perhaps some of those buyers have read your descriptions, but do not fully understand them? You may find it beneficial to have someone else (who speaks excellent English) proof-read your gigs just to be sure your grammer is clear, and the gigs are understandable to the greater English-speaking consumer base.