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Not Getting proper buyer request

Hey everyone
New seller in fiverr… :slight_smile: I need to know something about buyer request. In my buyer section I always get request about javascript/php related work like bugfixes. But I’m a front-end web developer. My gigs are psd to html, landing page. Why don’t I get any front-end buyer request?? Why all of them are bug fixes?? Though I had a gig named bug fixing. Already I have deleted that gig. till now I don’t get any front-end request in my buyer section. All I get is javascript/php bug fixes…Can anyone tell me why this is happening & what should I do?

Already one month has gone. Please help me out ! ! ! :frowning:

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May be you can change the category of work.
Change your tags.
Keep working. Good luck

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Is there any other category except “Web programming” for front-end web developer??
thanks for your wish :slight_smile:

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The requests you find in the buyer requests section are coming through the Categories you gigs belong to. For example I have a gig in Business Cards category and I get the requests from the people who are in the need of business stationery and using the same category to post their requests.
In your case kindly recheck your gig category and matadata of your gig. Secondly you can find and switch to any other category you think your potential buyers can select at the time of posting the requests.
Hope it helps. Let me know if anything is not clear yet. Thank you.

I Notice a strange thing
most of buyer post their request in other category for example if he/she need wordpress website design their is 40%-20% possibility that he/she post in
programming and tech > other and same rule apply on each category other subcategory

instead of focusing on buyer request trying to promote gig is better I think

Change your subcategory Like give it to WordPress, web programming, CMS, and builders and see what happen !!!

If you want tips and :black_joker: tricks on how to improve your gig(s)
Create a post in “Improve My Gig” section.

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