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Not Getting Replies On Buyers Request


It’s about two weeks back, I created my Fiverr account. I didn’t get any order till now. I had sent around 43 buyers request but no result. How do I know whether my gig is selected or rejected? Please help me. Who so ever is reading this one please try to get me an order related to graphic designing.


At first, read carefully the buyer request and realize that what is want the buyer. Then send a professional offer. To make a professional offer, follow Youtube.


Copy the last request and offer here and let’s have a look.
We can’t help you unless you show us what are you sending out.


This offer doesn’t really describe the request. It’s a well-written template, but it’s still a template. As a buyer, I would like to see an offer that is specifically written for me.

Now if you have any stats then I would include those as well. For example, can you say what % of your clients get to the interview stage? If you don’t have this number then that’s fine. Maybe you can describe one of your most recent success story where a cover letter written by you helped a client get a job.

Did the buyer provide you all the info you need to do your job? If not then ask a question and try to engage them in a conversation.


Have had same problem


Hi @darkk86,

I think following @uxreview’s advice should help. Sometimes, it is not the response that is the only reason for not getting orders. You’ll need to ensure your gig and profile reflect your professionalism. For example, check the grammar in your FAQs and also you indicated “in each package indicates how much revisions are included”, but such information isn’t available.

All the best.


Please create your own topic, hijacking the OP’s thread with your issue is not coolio.
If you want suggestions on how to Improve your gig and whatnot create it here.


Thank you so much for your opinion too. In fact, I have acquired Grammarly for one year, and the quality of my work and writing improved in a fantastic way. This tool really, really, helps you a lot. In that way, I can write better offers and responses to the buyers requests.


Same problem but no worries :dancer:
Hope for the best :sunglasses::bouquet::bouquet::rose::blossom:


I am not getting reply also. :frowning:


dear bro, i am also facing the same, kindly let us know if you got any solution.