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Not getting reply from buyer

Hello everyone.
I’m a new member in fiverr. Almost everyday I found some offer in my offer board. I send some offer regularly which is relevant to my gigs.

It has been more then 38+ times I sent offer to tha buyer. But unfortunately I don’t get any reply from buyers. Can you help me about how can I get reply from buyer easily?

You’re probably just sending generic text that have nothing to do with what the buyer has asked for. You’re probably talking about yourself in these responses instead of about the project the buyer has shared. This never works.

Think: if someone wants something, they’re going to hire someone who has proven they understand the actual project, not just told them they could do it.

Improve your English and in your responses write about the actual project, not yourself.

There are literally hundreds of posts on this in the forum. Please research. It’s tiresome having to answer this same question over and over again.


Thank you so much. This information will helpful to me.