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Not getting responses to buyer request sen

I still not getting responses to buyer request sent. Please suggests me
and check my gig have any problem

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Your Request Must have These things:

  • It should be described in a single Paragraph.
  • Less talk about money, Just talk about, How you will perform the task.
  • Request first 140 characters must be very attractive as they are shown as meta description in Offers Page on buyer platform.
  • You can start from greetings or just say it straight forward.
  • Request should be concisely (more that 5 lines).

To improve your Buyers Requests you can Freely post Your Own request to Fiverr (It is Free!!!).


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do any background remove with in 2 hour
In all 3 packages “High quality finis” could be “High quality finish”

The gig description says “I will remove the background from 20 photos within 10 hours, 100 photos within 24 hours”
and the title says “2 hours” but you only offer 1 day delivery if they select to pay an extra $10. Maybe if the title says “within 2 hours” they should be able to get something within 2 hours without paying extra.

It says “Photo Retouching ( if you didn’t see my retouching still now, please visit my another gig)” - maybe you mean “until now”. But you don’t have a seperate gig for retouching (your only other active gig is for vectorizing).

In the profile:
Instead of saying “I have 6 years experience on graphic designer.” you could say “I have 6 years of experience in graphic design”.


Thank You so much. I must follow instruction.
It’s sweet of you.

Can you explain what you mean by this.

This tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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