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Not getting revenue in revenue card


hi i am not getting my money in fiverr revenue card. transaction status is pending in payoneer.i have recieved no confirmation email link for withdrwaing funds.Anyone one know whats the problem.its my first earning.


Email took few minutes to come to your attached email account.
Funds took few hours or 2 days to be added into your Payoneer account(depends on the withdraw option).


i do not have got any email since its 3 days


Contact Payoneer.
Their CS is very poor and takes hours to get connected, but once an agent replies explain your story, I contacted them for my first revenue withdrawal and they supported me.
My first withdrawal took approximately 2 weeks to get transferred to my bank account, next withdrawals up-to-date take 2 days.

Keep us posted.


Was your Payoneer contacted with Fiverr?

Better to contact CS.
good luck


yes i connected.
how to contact to CS.i am searching but don`t getting any way.

  1. Log in to your account click on help and follow the on screen instructions.

  2. go to the website - all the way down click on HELP - live chat - follow on screen instructions


Thanks for reply to All.I contacted with fiverr and payoneer and i got to know that because i was new i have not submitetd verification documents thats why my payment status was pending.Thanks again to all