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Not getting reviews from buyers :(


I have done some jobs. almost there is 30+ buyer are not giving me review for my work done. i have done my job 100% perfectly but still they are not giving the reviews.

We work here only for review. but if our buyer not giving the reviews its really hurts.

I request all of the buyer please be honest with your seller and please give them correct review.



Yes on another discussion thread many cite examples of what we include in delivery to encourage positive feedback, as well as to encourage buyers to contact us BEFORE leaving a bad review.

It’s an ongoing topic on the forum, as a lot of new folks seemed to be obsessed with people leaving reviews.

Best advice is, do what you can to encourage positive feedback, and to fix problems before they become negative, but don’t get hung up over getting no feedback.

Thanks, :slight_smile:


actually, positive ratings can bump you up in the buyers eyes…if they see positive review they are more likely to purchase…I know I write positive reviews for clients on amazon…

here is what I email the client:

(when I deliver)

(I have this on a sticky note and just paste it)


Thanks for your order! I have enjoyed working with you. I hope I did a good job for you and if you need any tweaks let me know.

If I did a good job, please consider a positive review and purchasing my tip gig.

Thanks Again!



Yes you right but I don’t fell to ask buyer feedback,if they fell to they’ll do it if not no problem, I think is more important to deliver great gigs, I’m happy when my buyers are happy and leave a great feedback but I don’t mind if they don’t.

When I deliver gigs I always ask them if they need a revision, this is a tip that helps me to get feedbacks.


Write up a nice message and sent it to all of them individually asking them if they’d be so kind as to leave a review. Communication is key! :slight_smile:


Reply to @thepromogirl: Hi, thanks for the advice. i have already done this. but still not getting response. some taken my 1gig 12time but never get back a review :frowning: i asked him some times, but no luck :frowning:




A wise man once told me; No review is a good review.

This is an ongoing discussion on this forum. Search for it. Many of us are extremely happy and satisfied to have a 33% to 50% review ratio.

Peace :slight_smile:


I agree with ‘voiceoverwork’.

I don’t leave a review if I am not satisfied with the gig rather then writing a negative comment. i figure if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Not that I am suggesting that this is what’s happening in your case.

But I would prefer to receive no feedback over negative feedback.

I can understand how frustrating it is to not receive anything and maybe fiverr should enforce this ie. you can’t purchase another gig until you have left feedback on past gigs.


I don’t ask for reviews because I don’t want to push, you need to deliver great gigs and good reviews will come!



There is nothing wrong with asking for a good review as long as it’s partnered with asking the buyer to contact you if your work does not meet with their approval, which in turn can help avoid bad reviews.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: well said “No review is a good review” my why we here? only for 5buks??? i dont think so, we really need reviews :smiley: i work only for reviews trust me :smiley:


Reply to @katherineewert: My question is, if you dont tell them where is the problem on GIG, how can he/she will be changed himself?

You can talk with the seller about your problem, may be he/she will refund you if you dont like the job?

But if you dont give him/her any feedback he/she will not understand where is problem. am i right?

So, i request alwasy talk with your seller and discuss about your problem and solve it. give him/her a chance to solve the problem :smiley:


Reply to @solow13: But if you deliver the same things what you have promised. where is the problem to ask a review? :smiley: is not it dear?


Reply to @solow13: This can be good for you. but what about for a new comer like me? who really wants a good review :slight_smile:


Reply to @katylady77: Yes its a nice tips for me :smiley: thanks


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks for your tips. i will remember it :smiley:

katylady77 said: I know I write positive reviews for clients on amazon.

If that is the case, please be advised this is a violation of Fiverr's Terms of Service and third-parties. You're putting you account and buyers accounts as risk of being put on restriction or permanently blocked from Fiverr.


Buyers will surely give you good review when they are satisfied this does not mean doing you job.

Mos the review that I get are from those buyers for whom I did more than they asked for. Hope you will also try this.



Some buyers try to get things done in exchange of old leftover reviews. I had a buyer who was a returning one and created 24 orders and had just reviewed 16 of them. He contacted me last time and said that he’ll review them in exchange of work done. I never replied. :))


Reply to @atechkid: wow that was very rude from him… why do people do it