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Not Getting Reviews

I really don’t know while some buyer don’t like giving review.I have an Article gig but am not getting orders anymore.Recently I write an Article for my buyer but the guy just refuse to rate me.After 2 days I wrote him a bonus Article but still nothing heard from him.I don’t know what is happening.

You could politely ask or mention that a review would be nice (if your not doing that already)! If you happen to get allot of first time buyers they might not know how much reviews matter to sellers.

My friend I did all that.Its not encouraging when you don’t get a review.They just download the Article with saying a word.I had a buyer who sent me a message thanking me but I told him to post the review so everyone can see.He did and I was happy.I wish every buyer is like that.

Reply to @kevinpeters: Hm then maybe you could make some premade freebie and mention in your gig description that those who leave a review will git this awesome freebie attached to a message after the review is left. Not 100% sure if this would be within fiverrs terms so you should check that first.

Sometimes, not getting a review works in your favor (or mine, to speak for myself)

If you’re ever having a tough time with a customer (and trust me, not all of them are squeaky clean) … Them not leaving a review might be what’s best instead of leaving a negative review, even if you did deliver everything on time and even over-delivered

I have purchased gigs that I was less than thrilled with and did not leave a review for that reason. When I buy a gig that I love I always leave a good review. I get more reviews when I give great service and over deliver. Personally, I make it a point not to stress at all over reviews my gigs get. It’s not worth it.

Not every buyer leaves a review.

To prevent this:

When delivering the order you can add a note to the buyer saying in a nice manner to leave some feedback.

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Yea I will try that also.

Reply to @mgjohn78: Thanks I will try that too.