Not Getting Sales - Get Help Here


A lot of sellers that I know of quit fiverr mainly because of no sales, but what most new and old sellers forget is that getting sales from fiver is easy and simple you just have to do your home work very well.
Jumping to fiverr without any proper orientation can be really frustrating a lot of internet marketer or books you read online will give you the basics but here I am going to show you the real deal.
#For New Sellers

  1. Once you’ve setup your profile, I designed and listed your gig’s, and you are very sure you set everything right (catchy images, I attention grabbing headlines, simple and converting title, juicy description and you even have a nice video) but you haven’t got any sales there are 2 things you need to check on.
    I. Your audience and traffic source, are they related to what you are doing on fiverr it will be wrong to send graphics gig to someone who is looking for a date online. Don’t expect conversion on gig like that, because you just posted to the audience (don’t depend on solo ads for gig’s) target the right people.
    II. Don’t just wait there for traffic and sales, but most buyers won’t buy from a buyer with 0 sales and no experience. Do some self promotion ask your family members to buy from you at least make them buy 3 gigs and let them give you a 5 star also make sure they favorite you, then watch as sales flows in from there.
    #Old Sellers
    not getting sales again.
    Go back to promotions stop wasting for traffic and organic buyers, make them all buy from you and keep the star rated to 5. Avoid negative reviews and always satisfy your buyers make them love you and make them favorite you, offer buy 3 get 1 free bonuses and also try to have a list of your buyers and also give them full support and as many redo as you can take, find a way to make your buyers share your gig’s on there social profile and remember to keep in touch. Have a successful fiverr career cheers.


Hello,I just have a question: do you know it’s against the terms of service to have two accounts?
I am Jeffery Nolan an old fiverr seller with a new account actually thid account has
been here since last year and I want to take it up from scratch because my old account has become a company account with over 700 orders in queue, I but with this new fresh account I will come back to show you I am a top rated seller in 2 months.

If you have another account you should delete this one.


He mentioned that his old account became a ‘‘company’’ account. Maybe he doesn’t own it anymore.


It’s not ok to have two accounts even if you call one a “company account”.


Hi, my name is Gift, and am a new seller on fiverr. After setting up my gig, I started getting orders the next day. In less than 2wks, i was able to get up to 6 orders. But I noticed that for almost a week now, I have not been getting orders. Where have I gone wrong. I have no negative reviews at all and my rating is 100%. Can someone pls tell me the way forward so that I will start getting sales again.


I am a new seller on Fiverr and have gotten someone who wants me to design for him. we had charted and i don’t know how to send custom offer to him to kick start the service officially.


I don’t own the old account anymore because it became the company account. This is my personal account now.


Did you stop promoting your gig and did you make sure your buyers leave a positive review of your gig’s and favorite you? Work on that.


Beside the send message button there is a custom offer button. Click it and fill custom offer details and hit the offer button. Done


Hey Mavik.Beside the send message button there is a custom offer button. Click it and fill custom offer details and hit the offer button. Done. Cheers


Could you have 100 company accounts, none of which you “own”?


Thanks for the tip. It will really help me. Am a new seller too but seems order are not coming in again. The one I get is just not okay. Buyers will be asking you to give a quality 500 words article including picture and video for $1 all because they see you as a new seller


You mentioned before something very interesting (and removed it later) about a company account with 700 orders in the queue?
How did it change over to a company account? Did you have to notify customer support? Were you a super seller or Top Rated Seller? You are a super expert who could share this valuable information, thanks!


Hello, i have been on fiverr for about 7 months, Although, my online presence was poor but i have changed this year. I haven’t recorded any sale since i started. it’s very frustrating. Can you help me please?


thanks for the tips


I believe you have to ask questions like “I can’t sell, help me” to get answers. Your question may garner too much interesting insight into murky processes that regular plebs don’t get to know about.

Anyway, I second this question. I can get all the other questions answered on 1001 other threads and answer them myself–this one is different and interesting. Also, why did you remove certain details from that post?


Awesome tips. I got brilliant ideas reading this post. Thanks!


Me too its almost 1 week I didn’t get sales:(