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Not getting sales


didn’t get a single order from last 4 days…why is it so ?? anyone else facing such problems ?? or ever experienced such periods ?


Thank you for posting and yes this does happen. I went through a 3 week dry spell fro my family tree gig and thought I was going to lose my mind (some would argue how can you lose something you never had lol) but now I have received a few orders this week. During the down time stay active on the forums, blogs and marketing your gig. Good luck and keep us posted.


I am also facing this problem many times but it’s always happened on fiverr with everyone…SO, Don’t Worry


My sales have definitely dropped off in the last couple of months. The fact that I accidentally deleted my most popular gig and lost all my feedback comments didn’t help matters.

Hang in there, I’m sure it will pick up for you soon!


This problem is usually there. Every One faces it. I also faced it, I didn’t get any orders for 3 weeks then instantly got a bunch of them :D. So don’t worry, During the dry time just keep in marketing your gigs As @tn5rr2012 said :slight_smile:


Don’t worry guys, I have never had a sale since I started, in fact, I can’t even get views on my gigs no matter how much I post in the forums…


Yes, fiverr works on this strategy, sometimes your gig shows on the first few results of the search and some other times it’s down many pages. This is to provide fair opportunity to everyone…I am also running dry for more than a week. Yesterday, suddenly got so many enquiries and few orders also., still working on them :slight_smile:


I Am Also Facing The Problem… Not getting Single Sell From 2 Days…

My Average Sell Is 1 Sell Per Day… But Not Getting Sell From 2 Days… and My Gig Also Showing In Bottom of category


Reply to @kardamom: You might actually be getting views and they’re just not registering. Apparently there has been something wrong with the view counters (not just yours) for some time.


pretty slow this week for me as well…


With any business, there’s slow periods. Things been fairly slow this month, but last weekend was pretty good. You just gotta keep marketing your gigs.


might want to add a few more resources to your freelancing if this is your staple income… Most likely against the rules to say where but you are smart and know how to search…


Me too. The last three weeks I got 45 sales, but now no single sales.


still no change :frowning:


Last three days were very good but now dry in here as well, i think these times are perfect for answering gig requests :slight_smile:


Yep, Sales have dropped. Even the leads coming in via the inbox are dead. No one is contacting. :frowning: Even the Support is overloaded :expressionless: :-??


Reply to @kardamom: I’m in the same boat, Kardamom. But I’ve been here only a week, and the first two gigs I posted involve shipping. I don’t know if those gigs are harder to sell. I posted two new ones today that don’t involve shipping. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are bought. As for the no views on gigs, I read the counter is not working. Hopefully that is the case because it is discouraging to see no one has even looked at your gigs.

Good luck, everyone! May the sales begin to pour in for all of you :slight_smile: