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Not getting sells now a days

I have good rating. 2 day before a client come and happy with my work but gave me 4.5 rating i ask to change rating. ans she told me she is not able to do that. now my rating goes 4.9 and before i am getting more then 4 order a day, now no order since 2 days…

what should i do for to improve?

Really in concern. why I am not getting the order. - See more at:

To be honest, don’t let it get you down. Buyers will leave the feedback and ratings they feel reflects the work or service they received. The more sales you make, and the more feedback you receive, the less the not-so-great ratings will affect your overall rating.

Just keep working hard, and producing services that the seller can’t help but want to leave you high ratings for. :slight_smile:

@jonbass Thank You for comment… I am working very much to getting more sell.

You’re welcome. Good luck! :slight_smile: