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Not getting the emails from Fiverr

I noticed that people wrote me messages through Fiverr, but I didn’t get the confirmations sent to my email. I also tried to withdrawal funds, but I didn’t get that email either. Anyone else having this problem?

I’ll try customer support, although they have failed me every time in the past.

Oddly enough, when sorting through messages some get filtered out and others dont. No idea why. It may be best to check spam or even sometimes another category if you have a lot of random filters. I do feel like sometimes a few of my alerts don’t show up though, so I don’t believe it’s you. Do note that with an Android/Apple app, you can actually follow up with alerts easily if you have a smartphone or tablet device just in case you aren’t available to be at the computer all the time. :slight_smile: Note: Sometimes I don’t even get alerts on the site itself so it’s always best to double-check your inbox etc. just in case a new order or message has come in. Some providers had technical difficulties in the past in regards to receiving mail from Fiverr, it may be best to contact CS in regards to this to see if they can help you solve the problem more directly. Best of luck!

@russflex Honestly, I have had mixed success. Sometimes CS is very helpful. Other times it takes them a long time to get back only to get a response that isn’t even relevant to what I asked or to tell me to go look at a FAQ or something. It honestly seems to depend on who you get. Hope you have better luck this time!

I am having the same problem. I can read my messages only through Fiverr, and yes, I checked and there is nothing in my spam box.

Could it be a general problem.

At this end of the world, it started again last night, and a few weeks ago, it happened also.

Reply to @freelancemm: I always get Jay. When I see that name I know I’m doomed :slight_smile:

@russflex Honestly, I think they work kind of like call centers. There may be numerous people that are named “Jay” when in reality their real name may differ and they may be a different person altogether. I honestly don’t know but I get the same person way too often for as big as this site is. I have a friend that works at tech support and he has to introduce himself in some cases as a totally different name so it wouldn’t really surprise me. Just my thought, though. Did they give any feedback back?

@belgianwriter Have you checked your filters? Sometimes my filters automatically delete the messages which doesn’t make much sense to me. I assume maybe because of what a person may say in a message.