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Not Getting the level status


Hi everyone,
I got my level one status as soon as I completed my 10 orders but I committed a mistake of asking for direct payment from one of the buyer and it hurts me badly as I lost my level one status.

When I contacted Customer Support… they told me that I can get my level status back by doing hard work and gaining some good reviews.

And I worked same way as I completed over 70 orders and all are with excellent rating (some of them never reviewed ).

The question is…Will I ever get my level status back or I have to work without it…??

Without level status I think I can never get good number of projects.

You can check my reviews…they are great.

Can anyone please help me on this I am really broken right now…thanks


If it has been more than 60 days since you lost your level, I would submit a ticket to CS and explain like you did here. If you have it, tell them your previous ticket number. Ask them if they would look at your account and consider letting you have a level again. If they say no, ask them if it would be OK to ask again after 60 more days.

If it has been less time, I would wait. They need to see that you have had time to not only prove yourself, but that you now really understand not to break the ToS. I wish you luck! Your honesty is refreshing.


Now you tell your story to customer support. They will definitely support you but next time never repeat this type mistake. Fiverr already a good platform. Never ask outside payment. Best of luck.


thanks for your reply mam…I lost my level on 22 september 2015 and I am trying hard to get my level back by delivering the orders on time and in the best possible way


thank you…I will contact customer support again


If you meet criteria of Fiverr then Customer Support Will give you a your level back.
Please check
And never repeat this mistake again. it will be fine for you.


If you contact them as tell them all your conditions, I think fiverr team is good enough to help you. Try to ask on old ticket otherwise create a new one.

Hope you get it as it hurts.


Hey! you contact to Fiverr support team. They will solve your problem.


Hello, if you fulfill your level-2 eligibility and if you are not received yet level-2 badge then you need to contact customer support for resolve your issue. thanks


sir I will contact customer support…if they can give me level one status than also I am happy …I can start for the level two target from there


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I did same as like as you that’s why I did not got any level,but now I have created 40 orders with good reviews and like you no reviews and it has been 2 months but I don’t get any level actually


wait and see. Fiverr support team will fix your problem.


Hey, the same thing happened to me and it took about 6 months and 100 orders to get back. Don’t bother contacting support over and over. Every time they had the same information which was that the levels are handled by an automated system and they can’t do anything which is correct. Just keep selling and you’ll get it back eventually. Usually, people look at your number of orders more than your levels so it shouldn’t affect your gigs too much.


contact to fiver supporter to help and resolve your issue, supporter are always to ready to solved or help the buyer as well as seller…