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Not Getting Verification emails

Am I the only one not getting verification emails even though the payment system says it sent one and I go right to my email account and wait for it? Never had a problem before.

me too!

Me too but I contacted fiverr support team and they confirmed that it was system problem. But I have gotten my now. So maybe you should try again.

still not working for me? :frowning:

Not working for me either.

I contacted support they said it is an issue with my email!! … well it’s not, so they told me to see what happens in 12 hours? …typical Fiverr bugs IMO!

Me too - CS giving out false information. I wasted loads of time on this last night, missing all the Black Friday deals I wanted to get. Had a lengthy conversation with my email provider as asked to do by Fiverr CS, and now I find out it is a problem with Fiverr - totally disgusted.

That’s what I was told,too. I also tried to change my paypal email–but didn’t get the verification email for that either. I am NOT call AT&T again–really tired of their phone maze. Does anyone use the payoneer thing? Although I suppose that requires yet another verification email which I will not get. At least I made my big withdrawal for the week before this problem came up.

Still nothing - not getting any verifications at all from Fiverr.

Same problem here !

Just had this from my email provider (

“The IP address where the email is being sent from is listed by Cyren as an IP that sends out spam. That’s why it was blocked. The IP in question is The sender needs to check and approach Cyren to delist the IP

Still no luck with me. Anyone tried again and get lucky?

still the same!

i’m fed up of even contacting customer support anymore as all I seem to get is a cut & paste reply basically saying its my fault! … that extra cash “would” have come in handy for those online Black Friday deals. Guess I will just have to wait patiently and hope that the BUG at fiver gets fixed.

… Not happy seeing as everyone else has had their cut from my money and i’m sat waiting!

Me too! And I`m getting seriously pissed off! Not even a reply from CS! Rant Over - for now. lol

I have a solution to this problem.

I contacted customer support (again) and this time I spoke to (helpful) Maria who suggested finding an old confirmation email for your last withdraw and clicking on the link in that. I did and it worked!

She also said that they are working on this to resolve the issue.

Hopefully this will help some of you who are facing the same problem?

I just got notifications and verification’s from last 3-4 days. So they succeeded to fix this. Everything is working now as it should.

Yes, a few minutes ago a “E-Mail-Storm” has started. Receiving all “missing” messages from the last days…

Yes!! Mine is fixed, too.

Same thing is happening to me this morning too. I have contacted CS as well. I’ve been with Fiver 3+ years and this is the second time it’s happened to me. I tried the “click the old link” suggestion from above but it didn’t work. It just keeps saying my withdrawal is being processed…2 hours now.