Not giving level 2


HI any body here to help me today i completed my 51 sells and current 5.0 start ratting overall but i am still on level 1 why ??


Wait bro you will got your badge very soon


thanks but why they keeping me in waiting :slight_smile:


Because fiverr actually give the level 2 badge 48-52 orders completed, i have also my level 2 badges after the completed 50 orders and my friend got his badge 52 orders when he completed so just wait you will get your badge or contact the fiverr customer support


thanks bro for your complements :slight_smile:


Alhamdulilah Received bedge


sometimes fiverr give level 2 badge after complete 49 and sometimes give after complete 50,51,52 . don’t worry you will got your badge very soon. i also got level 2 badge when i complete 49 orders :slight_smile:


Congratulation bro :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow congratulation brother all the best :+1::100:


Thanks a lot bro for your suggestions :slight_smile: