Not going to level 1?



So I have been on the site for 30 days as an active member, I’ve made 11 sales, and have a 100% positive rating. However, Im not going to level 1 yet? Is this because one of my buyers didn’t rate me?

  • Amber



Hi and welcome.

Your gigs say 22 days and 23 days, so it appears you’ve got some time to go.


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So it goes by the time your gigs have been up? Not the days you have been on the site? Because I definitively have been on fiverr for 30 days


As a Seller, you’re not really “on Fiverr” until you have an approved, active gig.

The time set for Level 1 is 30 days, so you have a week or so to go.


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Ah okay. Thank you!