Not good for All!


Why sellers are making Buyer Requests instead of making offers?
They are ruining everything.
Are they getting anything?


Some times they are getting permanent cancellations of their fiverr account!!
People doing this are new and beginner !!


Really is that so? That’s really very good i am also a beginner but i really want these guys out of the boundary.


Yes ! fiverr do that!
when I was new, My friend started with me with his account and he kept promoting his gig that way!
that was not issue at first but later he earn some revenue and promoted to level 2, then suddenly fiverr send him email and cancel his account with that reason written in email!
fiverr sent unclear revenue month later!


Thank you! … very happy to hear that.


your welcom :slight_smile:
Love your guy Atif Aslam :slight_smile:


yeah me too…everyone loves him such a nice voice :heart_eyes: