Not good leaving [ARCHIVED DUE TO OP EDITS]


i am going and leaving fiverr


Your profile does not look very professional. I suggest you look at other profiles but do not copy them.


It looks like you have quite a few problems with your gigs. Just in a glance it looks like you are using templates that are copyright protected. Besides that, I saw in one of your gigs that you said you did not design in AI or Photoshop but that you design in “special” software. When I buy graphics I am normally looking for someone doing unique designs in a vector or PSD format, so some people may move on when they see that you don’t offer that. That’s about all I can offer after a fast look. You might need to learn more about design and make your own graphics to advertise.


not i just don’t do or edit template, i will create custom design for my customers.
i don’t use AI that not means copyright protected selling


I didn’t say that it did. I said that many buyers want designs in AI or PSD.

As to the copyright issue, I’m talking about your gig images/videos. Did you create those entirely from scratch on your own? They aren’t templates from Envato or somewhere else?


no these are not from Envato or other from


I think hard work is the key to total success…Continuous improvement also opens unbelievable doors of success.Just keep on improving in everything and I assure you that with time, you will get to the acme of your dreams!


Yes, because they from videohive

And here is Videohive template


The other video intro he is offering is also a template offered elsewhere.

9/10 “video guys” here on fiverr start with that particular animation.


I strongly suggest you delete your video gigs, as everyone can see they are not made by you.

And if you were lying so freely about your video gigs, what does that say about your logo designs?


your video gigs are not yours. you did not make those animations.


@kingkaushal Congrats! You are video cheating “Expert” who tried to cheat buyers and also a community of sellers.
Please stop lying!


I will give you at 500-600 link of fiver seller they using templates and a large numbers of rating. You tell me to remove although I not receive any Order yet!!!


Yes Fiverr’s marketplace is plagued with smartpants such as yourself who think they can make a quick buck with 0 skills.

That does not make illegal gigs OK. The fact that you think this is OK just because so many people are doing it, is really disturbed in its own right.

So your response to us is that, “others are doing it, and I haven’t made my money yet, so what you are asking is unfair?”.


By the way, I have contacted the authors of your illegally posted templates already.


Hi please don’t say like this.
I don’t cheat any one just put Video



You know what, I agree with Nick or @madein5rr.

When I was a new buyer, I used to - unfortunately, I sometimes still do - get duped into buying gigs from sellers like you. I get stolen and awful work.

Think about how many new or first time buyers have bad experience and leave this platform forever? Not all of them come to forum and complain, some of them leave permanently.

//That’s all I have to say about this. - I’m out//


don’t i care all people i know responsibly but you have to ask every seller and 1k+ seller they selling stuff
i am stopping now my gig now and hopping you do and make othrs to remove thanks


What about this gig
Is it your own video?
Or you just cropped original video and add your ending?

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i provide you some links hope u saw all these links
and tell me they all are make these project
i stop my gig right now
but what about they???

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they a little numbers thousand of gig i saw with thousand reviews


I saw a lot of sellers who selling copyrighted stuff here.
I hope that one day fiverr will add “Report” button to all gigs and to Buyer’s request section.